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26 May - 23 July 2017

Progetto concepito da Benjamin Hirte e Chadwick Rantanen ispirato al contesto storico e culturale del Museo Canonica. Mostra a cura di Pier Paolo Pancotto.

Evento di presentazione del restauro del ritratto della baronessa Franca Florio, eseguito dallo scultore Pietro Canonica.

10 March - 30 April 2017

The first solo exhibition of Nick Devereux work in a public institution in Rome continues at the Pietro Canonica Museum in the Villa Borghese with his “Fortezzuola” series, promoted by Roma Capitale’s Department for Cultural Growth and the Capitoline Supervisory Body for Cultural Heritage.
 The series, named after the historic building in which it is housed, follows the general guidelines established by the museum, is the result of a project Nick Devereux conceived - inspired by the historic and cultural contest of the Canonica Museum - during several periods spent in Rome, including one last year when he took part in the Folies d’hiver exhibition at the French Academy in the Villa Medici, under the “Art Club” umbrella devised and overseen by Pier Paolo Pancotto.
It showcases just some of his currently preferred expressive skills that include the use of paint, plastic, graphics and installations. 

Real life drawings  as historical experience and contemporary knowledge. The Accademia à l'Academie shows 50 drawings from  real life and 13 paintings of both young and well-known artists, scholarship holders from the  Academy of France, students from Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and participants selected on merit

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